CamWood Hands & Speed Training Bat


The Camwood Hands-n-Speed Training Bat is a weighted ash wood bat designed to develop bat speed and ensure sound fundamentals. Many training bats (as well as traditional bat donuts) do not fully develop the necessary mechanics to create true power. They are often overloaded in the barrel, thus causing the casting effect and other mechanical breakdowns.

The Camwood Bat is perfectly balanced to strengthen the forearms and create a better hand path to the ball, thus improving bat speed and power. By swinging it 125 times per day in all baseball or softball workouts and drills – tee work, soft toss, machine and live pitching, it is proven that a hitter can increase his or her bat speed by more than 10% in as little as 6 weeks. Watch the instructional video to the right to learn more!


  • We recommend you order the same length bat that the hitter currently swings
  • Bats are high quality ash wood bats
  • Primarily recommended for tee work, soft toss, front toss, and on-deck (but you can also use it for live pitching)
  • Develops more hitting power and hand speed
  • Teaches the hitter to keep the hands inside the ball
  • Sizes 28"-31" can be used for Baseball or Softball. 
  • Sizes 32" & 33" are Baseball & Softball Specific - Weight of Baseball Model is 6 oz. Heavier



Size: 32" Fastpitch