CamWood One Hand Training Bat

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CamWood Hands & Speed One-Handed Training Bat

Camwood makes a line of unique, knob-loaded training bats that develop bat speed and insure sound fundamentals. This is their One-Handed training bat, which is great for a variety of drills. Use it to hit real baseballs during tee work or soft toss, or even just with dry swings to strengthen the hands and forearms.

Many training bats do not fully help develop the necessary mechanics to create true power. They are often overloaded in the barrel, thus causing the casting effect and other mechanical breakdowns. Hitting with this knob loaded bat increases the player’s ability to develop the proper hand path to the ball, therefore developing the correct mechanics.


  • Available in 2 models: Adult (25" Length with a 2 1/2 Barrel) and Youth (20" Length with a 2 1/4" Barrel)
  • Knob-loaded design teaches "hands to the ball"
  • Overload to build more power and bat speed while developing proper hand path to the ball