CamWood Sweet Spot Training Bat

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CamWood Sweet Spot Training Bat

All coaches and players understand the importance of hitting on the Sweet Spot of the bat. The Camwood Sweet Spot Bat is the easiest way to teach this. With a 2 inch sweet spot for the adult bats and a 3 inch Sweet Spot for youth bats, players will receive instant feedback.

A player should always train with the same length baseball bat that he plays with. For example, if he hits with a 32-inch bat, then he should train with a 32-inch bat.


  • Bats are high quality ash wood bats
  • Baseball models come in red; softball models come in pink
  • Use it for tee work, soft toss, front toss, or live pitching
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Imrpoves feel for maximizing power off the bat