Richardson Cap Custom Caps

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You know that old saying: Don't sweat the details?
We've never said that…at Richardson, we sweat the details.

We do it because we know the sweat and determination that goes into every athletic performance. We know the hours of training, in the batting cage, in the bullpen, in the weight room. We know the importance of teamwork, and precision, and consistent effort. We know that winning and losing is measured in inches and seconds.

We're Richardson. We make performance headwear for athletes who demand performance. We've been serving the team sports industry for 40 years on a foundation of authenticity, reliability and a passion for quality.

We're Richardson. We know that caps are for more than just shielding the sun. They're for tossing in the air in celebration, throwing to the ground in disgust, and, sometimes, even for hiding the tears of defeat.

We're Richardson. We're a team of people that understands the people who play games. We're seasoned veterans, and innovators. We're old pros, with a rookie's fire.

And, yeah, we sweat the details.
We're Richardson. Your Performance Company.

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