Robic Dual Stopwatch and Countdown Timer

SKU: 67744

  • Easy to use and read, time any event or activity with 1/100 second precision up to 10 hours with four timing options
  • Countdown timer starts at a preset time and counts down (in reverse) to zero, with a beep tone signaling the end of the timing
  • Event timing with Start-Stop-Reset buttons perfect for simple, basic timekeeping
  • Lap timing allows for multiple readings each time restarting from zero
  • Split timing allows for multiple time readings
  • An unlimited number of time readings can be taken
  • 20 times more powerful than other stopwatches at this price
  • Manufactured to the highest quality levels, water resistant, large digital display, long life, snap action push buttons
  • Classic, comfortable design is easy to hold
  • One year factory warranty