Jaeger Sports J-Bands

SKU: J-Bands-1

Adult Size Recommended for Ages 13+
Youth Size Recommended for Ages 12 and Under

Develop endurance, strengthen muscles, and prepare yourself for practice or game day with the Jaeger Sports® Adult J-Bands™ Exercise Program.

Product Features:
Exercise routine designed to strengthen the rotator cuff and surrounding muscle groups
Helps with injury prevention, endurance and increased velocity
Essential workout for any athlete

11 Exercises:
  • Over-the-head Forearm Extensions
  • Side Extensions
  • Diagonal Extensions
  • Forward Flies
  • Reverse Flies
  • Internal Rotation
  • External Rotation
  • Elevated Internal Rotation
  • Elevated Internal Rotation (Alternative)
  • Elevated External Rotation
  • Reverse Throwing
  • Forward Throwing Motion