All Star Umpire Starter Kit


  • Complete umpire package including mask, chest protector, leg guards, ball bag, plate brush, and indicator
  • Great for umpires who are just starting out and are unsure of what to get.
Kit Includes:
  • Traditional mask (FM25EXT)
    • Solid steel cage with EXT style padding
    • Proven track record for durability and protection
  • Chest Protector (CPU26)
    • Hardened, internal, HDPE plates provide maximum protection and a clean low-profile look
    • Form fitting design wraps around a wide range of body shapes
    • Moldable plates in the collarbone area provide a customizable fit and great protection
    • Removable and repositionable shoulder caps
    • Original DeltaFlex harness
  • Shin Guards (ULG1)
    • 17" length (center of knee to ankle)
    • Single knee umpire leg guards with high impact resistant plastic parts
    • Wrap around shins and three harness straps keep this leg guard secure
  • Accessory Kit (UBB2K)
    • Ball bag (11.5" x 9.5") holds 5 baseballs or 3 softballs, with internal pockets for indicator and plate brush
    • 4 Dial Plastic Indicator (3 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs, innings)
    • Plate Brush