Dynaswing Training Bat

SKU: 10185

  • Reinforced Aluminum Core To Allow For Extended Durability
  • Dynamic Core Tech (Starting Position) - Within The Aluminum Core; A Dense, Dynamic Material Falls To The Handle Of The Bat When Hands Are In A Proper Upright Position Before The Swing. This Creates An Auditory Indicator For The Batter.

  • Dynamic Core Tech (Swing) - As The Player Swings, The Material Travels To The End Of The Bat (Once Again Creating Auditory Feedback). This Forces The Hands Flat & Forward To Contact (Preventing Roll-Overs).

  • Dynamic Core Tech (Follow Through) - The Momentum Created From The Material And Swing Pushes The Barrel Through The Zone To Allow For A Powerful Follow Through.

  • Made From Quality Maple Wood Material

  • Color - Black | Natural

  •  Not intended for game use