Nokona X2 Elite 11.5'' X2-1150

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Nokona X2 Elite 11.5'' Infield Baseball Glove - X2-1150

Introducing the X2 Elite™, Nokona’s highest-performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series. For the game’s most skilled players, the X2 is for those who are looking for the highest performance and quality, as well as the quickest break-in period on the market. Made with distinct combinations of Nokona’s proprietary Stampede™ Steerhide, Kangaroo Leather, and Nolera Composite Padding System™ for position-specific excellence. Each glove is ready-for-play right off the shelf without the need for steaming, and with the ideal level of feel, flexibility, and rigidity right where you need it.

  • 11.5" Pattern
  • Pro I Web
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Leather: Stampede™ + Kangaroo
  • Chocolate Brown Color
  • Made in USA