Rawlings Velo™ 2.0 Intermediate Baseball Catchers Gear Set


Rawlings Velo™ 2.0 Hockey-Style Catchers Helmet (CHV27J)
  • Meets NOCSAE® standard
  • Upgraded Velo™ 2.0 with moisture-wicking liner provides improved ventilation and air circulation
  • High strength, increased impact resistant cage
  • Premium 2-tone matte finish
  • Upgraded, adjustable chin pad allows for a comfortable custom fit
  • Three-way adjustable back plate for a custom fit
  • Size: Junior (6 1/2" - 7")

    Rawlings Velo™ 2.0 Chest Protector (CPV2NI)

    • Meets NOCSAE® commotio cordis standard
    • Arc Reactor Core™ technology disperses forceful impact while dampening ball rebound
    • Dynamic Fit System™ 2.0 provides a new, four-point flexible shoulder and back harness to allow a more form-fitting and comfortable fit
    • Two-tone striped pattern
    • Size: Intermediate (15 1/2")

    Rawlings Velo™ Leg Guards (LGVELI)

    • Features Advanced Impact Management System™ (AIMS™)
    • Heat Exchange™ foam technology side flaps increase airflow and cooling
    • Conforming lightweight design for comfort and mobility
    • Patented Supertoe™ for ultimate instep protection
    • Over-the-shoe elastic strap on toe flap for improved fit
    • Size: Intermediate (15 1/2")